Real Estate Asset Management - Maintenance

Our services

  • Property management
  • Facility management
  • Apartment house management/ Residents! representation
  • Financial planning (creating annual budgets)
  • Accounting services


Our company, URBS REAL ESTATE LTD, has been involved in property and asset management since 1990. Presently we have approximately 30 billion Forints of property assets within our scope of management. These are partly residential facilities (we manage several houses with hundreds of apartments each and gated residential communities), as well as managing shops, office buildings, industrial sites, and hotels. Our company has been contracted by a number of large construction firms and banks, which involves the preparation of operation, or full-scale engineering and financial operation and maintenance of properties built or managed by these firms.

Managed / maintained hotels

AMBRA Hotel Budapest Downtown
40 rooms
Roombach Hotel Budapest
99 rooms

Managed / maintained office buildings

Szigetszentmiklós Baila Offices (cc 1500 m²)
Főber Office Building (Budapest, VII) cc. 1500 m²

Managed / maintained industiral sites

Omya Hungária Kft. (Budaörs Industrial Park)

Major newly constructed apartment houses from the past decade
  • Residents’ representation, financial management, and full-scale engineering maintenance of an 85-apartment residential building at Budapest 3rd district 24 Tímár Street, built as an investment of Gropius Plc.
  • Financial management and full-scale engineering maintenance of a 150-apartment residential building in Budapest 8th district Futó Street, built as an investment of OTP Ingatlan Plc.
  • Management of the Riverside Apartment Building in Budapest 13th district (380 apartments) together with Honeywell Ltd, in the initial year;
  • Management of an 80-apartment gated community in Budapest 10th district Gergely Street (since one year ago), built as an investment of Raiffeisen Ingatlan Plc.
  • Full-scale management of an 85-apartment gated community in Budapest 18th district Királyhágó Street, built as an investment of Center Plc.
  • Management of a 107-apartment residential building in 27-29 Holdfény Street, Budaörs, built as an investment of Strabag Plc. (For one year from start)
  • A 50-apartment building and ‘Főfotó’ office building at Budapest 13th district, 35 Nándorfehérvári Street. Period: 5 years
  • Bp. XIII. Jász Tahi Reiter u. 168 lakásos társasház, időtartam: 7 év
  • A 168-apartment building at Budapest 13th district, Jász-Tahi-Reiter Streets. Period: 7 years
  • Two buildings of the National Healthcare Fund, 60 apartments
  • A 300-apartment building at Budapest 11th district, 45-63 Bártfai Street. Period: 12 years
  • Yacht Club and 150-unit apartment building in Balatonlelle (commissioned by CIB Bank Plc.)
  • Bp. Jazz Loft Apartment House , 105 subunits (commissioned by CIB Bank Plc)

Apart from the above, our company has managed countless apartment buildings, company sites, and office buildings in the past 20 years, the list of which would be too long to include here.

During this decade-long experience of real estate management and residents’ representation, URBS Group has raised services to the highest level for properties and apartment buildings managed by us, such as up-to-date accounting, reporting on water and heating energy costs, notifying owners and tenants of any maintenance work in the buildings, of dates and venues of residents’ meetings and their schedule.

The fundamental philosophy of our company is transparency, which means that we manage all resources trusted to us, being the most substantial asset for most companies, banks, individuals, and associations, without any disturbance of property owners and tenants, and with the utmost transparency.

Our company is one of the founders of the Hungarian Association of Real Estate Management, is a member of the American Institute of Real Estate Management, and holds a CPM qualification, which is the most prominent professional awards in American standards for managing office, residential, and commercial buildings.

Our company has implemented and applies the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality control system for its processes. We operate an online management portal where owners can track their engineering and financial processes.

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